Systemline S6.2

Systemline S6 allows up to six audio and video sources, e.g. MusicServer (160GB music library), CD player, tuner and DVD player, to be independently distributed into eight rooms of your home. The system also offers full iPod™ integration plus local inputs in every room, for those occasions when you wish to listen to an MP3 player or games console.

S6 Controller

Capable of distributing up to six audio/video sources to eight independent zones, the S6 is a truly superb multi-room entertainment system, designed to work seamlessly with the market leading video distribution systems. Systemline S6 is capable of coordinating the video distribution* to match the audio.

*Via separate video distribution device.

Systemline S6.2 multiroom


    * 6 audio sources distributed to up to 8 zones
    * RS232 integration with DAB Tuners / MusicServers / Lighting controls and video distribution
    * Future software releases
    * PC programming via USB cable into S6 front panel

Systemline wireless commander

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