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Garage Conversion

Garage Conversion

Becoming one of the most easiest ways to install a cinema solution is to utilise the often storage place you call a garage, with this type of conversion you will also increase your property value.

Garages these days are often used as an overspill for storage, modern cars are to large to fit and so you are left with a room completely un-utilised, but an ideal size and type for a home cinema solution, along with our acoustic treatments, you can enjoy the thrill of home cinema without disturbing the rest of the house.

The cost of converting a garage into a home cinema is surprisingly low, compared to other rooms of your house and gives you the chance to turn wasted space in to a real entertainment room.

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Big or Flat screen

Big or Flat Screen?

Whether its the big screen or flat screen approach, our product range can allow us to install a cinema theatre in any environment without compromising the quality.

While big screen can bring the real cinema experience home, its not always practical in all rooms, so where you may wish to integrate a cinema into a current or proposed room, we have a number of ideas and options available.

In all occasions we have a number of discrete product options and stunning designed product ranges which fit into any decor and style.

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Big and Flat screen

Big and Flat Screen?

For the best of both worlds, using a combination of the flat screen with large cinema screen over the top allows you to choose the best possible viewing option. For everyday watching, the flat screen solution provides comfortable viewing, and at a touch of a button, the big screen can appear ready for the big movie or sports event.

Working with a range of bespoke lift and drop devices, as much of the technology can be neatly hidden away or concealed within furniture around the room.

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